Monday, December 15, 2014

Venezuelan Beauty Pageants & Living Income Guaranteed

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According to a DailyMail article online, in the country of Venezuela in South America, many low income families are sending their daughters, as young as nine to beauty academies where they go through rigorous training to win beauty pageants with the hopes of becoming the next Miss Venezuela or Miss Universe to win money and make a better life for themselves and their families.
One of the other points highlighted in this article is how parents and teachers in the beauty academies encourage these girls to get plastic surgery to fit certain ideal beauty standards because it increases their chances of winning. Parents will even go into large amounts of debt just to pay for their daughter's plastic surgery. So girls as young as 12 start going under the knife, getting butt implants, or hormones injected so they grow taller, and at 16 breast implants and in extreme cases getting a mesh cloth sewed on their tongue so eating solid foods becomes painful.

The consequences of these practices are not only painful for these girls, but also dangerous, because many of them die from the surgeries and chemicals injected in them, but many families and teachers overlook this point because their focus is more towards winning pageants and making money. ''When you live in a country where a beautiful woman has greater career prospects than someone with a strong work ethic and first-class education, you are forced into the mindset that there is nothing more important than beauty.'' says Maria Trinidad, from the organization No to Biopolymers, Yes to Life, where she is dedicated to educating Venezuelan girls about the dangers of plastic surgery . Now, perhaps it is like this because there is the idea that it's much faster to make money by winning pageants instead of walking the process of getting an education, going to college, and getting a good job. 

What we don't see within this is that only a small percentage of families will be able to have their daughters win these pageants, win the money, and indulge in the fame, yet what happens to the other daughters and families who were also involved? They lose, they don't get any money or win any prizes, so this is a problem because one family can enjoy the riches of their daughter's success but another can't, so how would we feel if we were on the losing end?
It's a natural human right for all to be able to have the means and resources necessary to live a comfortable life, but currently many families do not even have the means to live that kind of life, which is why I suggest we consider implementing a Living Income Guaranteed, because within that families who are poor, who have low-incomes, who are unable to sustain themselves and their children, who had to resort to sending their daughters to beauty pageants in the hopes of having a better life, will no longer need to do this because they will be able to receive an allowance on a monthly basis that will ensure that their basic needs are met, that their survival in this world is no longer something to worry or fear about, where then the focus doesn't have to be on sending their daughters to win pageants but can instead be directed towards allowing their daughters to go to school,  take art classes to develop self expression, go to college, and who knows what else a girl could do or become if the focus in their life was no longer towards winning pageants and making money.
I suggest you take a moment or two to check out what the Living Income Guaranteed has to offer. This system can really work if we all allow it to manifest. Check out the proposal here.

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